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Fireweed - Chamaenerion angustifolium

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Phonetic:  kam-ee-NAIR-ee-on an-gus-tee-FOH-lee-um

Fireweed blooms from mid-summer up until the first frost, with intensely pink flowers that progress upward along the stem. This robust spreader loves full sun and plenty of moisture. The pink spires are known to appear in masses on disturbed sites such as logged or burned areas. Because it spreads both by root and by self-seeding it can be persistent and aggressive in the garden. Plan for a large group or massed planting.

  • Hardiness:  2 -7
  • Native Northeast Region:  USDA Database
  • Sun Exposure:  Full to Part Sun
  • Flower Color:  Pink
  • Bloom Time:  July, August
  • Soil Type:  Moist to Medium
  • Mature Plant Size:  4'H x 2'W
  • Plant Spacing:  1' - 2'
  • Host Plant: Bella Moth, Black Banded Carpet, Yellow Banded Sphinx
  • Attracts: Bees, Butterflies
  • Advantages:  Spreader, showy blooms
  • Landscape Uses: Mass planting, meadow, cottage garden
  • Companion Plants: Purple Bergamot, Showy Goldenrod, Sweet Joe Pye Weed, Slender Mountain Mint, Yellow Coneflower
  • Deer Resistant