BOGO PERENNIALS and 20% OFF SHRUBS ENDS SEPTEMBER 24th. Our season will end on the 24th also. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for a successful year and for helping sustain our beautiful pollinators! Hope to see you at the farm!

About Bagley Pond Native Perennials

About the Farm - Bagley Pond Perennials is a native perennial farm, that follows organic practices, located in Warner, New Hampshire. Our goal is to provide home gardeners with pollinator safe native plants and shrubs that are not only beautiful and garden worthy but also support wildlife, are well adapted to the local environment and are low maintenance. Our native perennials are true natives and not cultivars.

About Us - Inspired by the love of wildlife and given the opportunity to own a once run down and neglected farm, a seed was planted in 2018 and Bagley Pond Perennials was born. The owner, Denise Dalaker and dedicated crew are passionate about helping to sustain the wildlife that share our space. It is not just a business but a mission, helping the voiceless with our voice by selling one plant at a time. One seed sown, one garden planted, one community established, one region colonized equals one planet united.