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American Holly - Ilex opaca

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Phonetic: EE-leks oh-PAY-kah

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#1 Pot - 18" Shrub

American Holly is a large evergreen shrub or small tree which has a pyramidal shape. The evergreen leaves and bright red berries are fragrant and striking in the winter months. The plant is dioecious, needing both male and female plants to produce the attractive berries. To produce a good fruit set, it is ideal to have one male to three female plants. American Holly does not tolerate flooding or poorly drained soils, winter winds and dense shade. Also, it prefers afternoon shade in the hot summer months. Due to a high flammability rating, it should not be planted near homes or other structures. The plant is toxic to animals.

  • Hardiness Zone:  5-9
  • Native Northeast Region: USDA Database
  • Sun Exposure:  Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Bloom Color: Creamy White
  • Bloom Time: May
  • Soil Type: Medium
  • Mature Plant Size: 15-30' Height, 10-20' Width
  • Plant Spacing:  10'
  • Host Plant: Henry's Elfin
  • Attracts: Bees, butterflies and birds
  • Advantages:   Wildlife food and habitat, tolerates clay soil
  • Landscape Uses:  Hedgerow, specimen plant
  • Companion Plants: Wild Geranium, Foam Flower, Jacob's Ladder
  • Deer Resistant

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