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Stiff Aster - Ionactis linariifolius

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Phonetic:  eye-OHN-ak-tiss lin-air-ee-ah-FOH-lee-ah

Stiff Aster is an attractive choice for rock gardens or dry, rocky slopes in full sun to partial shade. It grows in low 1 foot mounded clumps with showy blue-purple blossoms and needle-like, single-veined leaves. Found naturally in pine woods, it can thrive in well-drained acid soils. 

  • Hardiness:  4 - 9
  • Native Northeast Region:  USDA Database
  • Sun Exposure:  Full, Partial
  • Flower Color:  Purple
  • Bloom Time:  August, September, October
  • Soil Type:  Medium-dry, Dry
  • Mature Plant Size:  1'H, 1'W
  • Plant Spacing:  10-12"
  • Host Plant: 
  • Attracts:  Bees
  • Advantages:  
  • Landscape Uses:  Rock gardens
  • Companion Plants: