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Hollow Joe Pye Weed - Eutrochium fistulosum

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Phonetic: yoo-TRO-kee-um fist-yoo-LOW-sum

Previously known as: Eupatorium Fistulosum

Hollow Joe Pye Weed does have a mostly hollow central stem and is the largest of the Joe-Pye weeds, making for easy identification. The plant has one simple erect stem, which is green with purple dots or longitudinal dashes and can grow over six feet tall. The upper stems are reddish or purplish. Hollow Joe Pye Weed can tolerate many soil types. The flowers are visited by honeybees, bumblebees, and other long-tongued bees. Butterflies, skippers, moths also visit the flowers. Mammals typically steer away from this plant due to its bitter taste but will consume it if nothing else is available. It is a larval host to the Clymene moth, eupatorium borer moth, ruby tiger moth, and the three-lined flower moth.