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Rosemary - Rosemarinus officinalis

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Rosemary is an herbal shrub famous for its diverse range of uses. It is used popularly  as a garnish for food, as well as for essential oils, creams and lotions. It requires full sun and dry well drained soils. Since rosemary cannot survive harsh winter temperatures, it is best used as an annual for northern growers and as a perennial in the south. Rosemary is a host plant for the southern purple mint moth, as well as a vital source of nectar early in spring for a diverse range of emerging bees.  

Sun Exposure: Full Sun 

  • Flower Color: White, Pink, Blue
  • Bloom Time: Spring to Fall
  • Soil Type: dry-part dry  
  • Mature Plant Size: 4-6' 
  • Plant Spacing: 6'
  • Attracts: Bees, moths 
  • Host plant: Southern purple mint moth
  • Advantages: Heat tolerant, drought tolerant, host plant
  • Landscape Uses: pollinator gardens, herb garden