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Partridge Berry - Mitchella repens

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Phonetic: my-CHEL-luh REE-penz

At only two inches tall Partridge Berry is an ideal ground cover for those wishing to fill undisturbed shady locations. It prefers a moist, well-drained soil but once established is partially drought resistant.  It produces a red fruit, that while edible, is mostly flavorless.  These fruits can last through the season adding a nice dash of color to the winter landscape.   

  • Hardiness: 3-8
  • Native Region: USDA Plant Database
  • Sun Exposure: Partial shade to shade 
  • Flower Color: Pink, white
  • Bloom Time: May, June, July 
  • Soil Type: Dry - moist 
  • Mature Plant Size: 2''H, 1'W
  • Plant Spacing: 1'
  • Attracts: Birds, small mammals 
  • Advantages: Produces edible fruit, fragrant, drought tolerant, attracts birds
  • Landscape Uses: ground cover, woodland gardens, rock gardens
  • Companion Plants: Blood root, Fringed bleeding heart, Wild geranium