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HARDCOVER  |  11" x 8.5"  | 40 pages  |  full color
Ages 5 to 10

Join Grandma Lisa as she enlists the enthusiastic help of her grandchildren in transforming her yard into an attractive garden for wildlife. Along the way she explains why planting native species is so important and allays the children’s fear of insects by lovingly showing them how these critters are so essential to our world. 
The family revels in working together, adding plants and other elements to the garden necessary to support a variety of wildlife. As the yard begins to teem with animals, the children are simply enthralled and delighted by the sights, sounds, and mere presence of nature found in Grandma Lisa’s garden!

This book’s target audience is lower elementary school grades, though upper elementary grades may also find it useful as part of a curriculum on creating natural habitat.

​If you’re looking for the inspiration to create a wildlife habitat of your own, or are simply looking to spark a love of nature in youngsters, this is the book for you. Told in rhyme, children will enjoy learning about important concepts such as host plants, compost, food webs, and so much more. The brilliant and lively illustrations are not only intriguing, but fun and instructive. But be prepared... you just may find yourself pulling on your garden gloves, picking up a shovel, and heading outdoors to bring nature into the little piece of the planet where you live.