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Heart-leaved Aster - Symphyotrichum cordifolium

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Phonetic:  sim-fy-oh-TRY-kum kor-dih-FOH-lee-um

Delicate, light blue-lavender flowers with pink centers are borne in large clusters above distinctive heart-shaped leaves in late summer. Heart Leaved Aster is perfect for extending color and interest in the woodland shade garden, well into autumn. Spreads slowly by rhizome to form a nice patch.

  • Hardiness:  3 - 9
  • Native Northeast Region:  USDA Database
  • Sun Exposure:  Part Sun to Part Shade
  • Flower Color:  Blue
  • Bloom Time:  September, October
  • Soil Type:  Medium, Medium - Dry
  • Mature Plant Size:  3'H x 2W'
  • Plant Spacing:  18" - 24"
  • Host Plant: Pearl Crescent, Silvery Checkerspot
  • Attracts: Bees, Butterflies
  • Advantages: Deer resistant, drought tolerant
  • Landscape Uses: Cottage garden, butterfly garden, woodland garden, cut flower garden
  • Companion Plants: Sweet Joe Pye Weed, Sweet Goldenrod, Fringed Bleeding Heart, Woodland Phlox, Foam Flower, Wild Geranium, Northern Blue Flag, Garden Phlox