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Planting Information

When you receive your plants, unpack them as soon as possible and give them a drink. If not planting immediately, make sure they are kept moist and away from full sun. The pots are biodegradable and can dry out quicker than plants in traditional plastic pots. The pots are fully biodegradable, OMRI approved with no glues or binders.

Before planting, thoroughly water your plants. Native plants do not like their roots disturbed so the biodegradable pot should not be removed. Spacing is referenced on the website but an average spacing between plants is two feet. After planting if the top edge of the pot is exposed this should be peeled off as the edge could draw moisture away from the roots. For the first few weeks you should water your plants so the soil does not dry out. During the first season, the plants should be watered during dry conditions and the area weeded so the plants are not competing for space, water and nutrients.If fertilizer is used, only a small amount should be applied as these plants are native and do not require fertilizer to thrive. 

Happy planting and enjoy the many pollinator visitors that you will be inviting!