Plant Sales will be ending on 9/15 for the season. We will soon be offering notecards and calendars by a local artist that highlight the beauty of native plants and their pollinators.

~Keystone Species Notecards, a Doug Tallamy collaboration

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These 12 Keystone species notecards were designed by local artist Daisy Hebb and hand selected by NYT bestselling author and professor of entomology, Doug Tallamy. Keystone species are native species that uphold our ecosystems and an ecosystem would not be the same without them. What makes a keystone species? Generally, it is how many other species eat the plant. Using caterpillars as an indicator, because they're soft, fatty, protein rich meals, entomology professor Doug Tallamy has identified such high performing host plant species in our ecosystems. These (all-native) keystone species support more than others - and they all out perform non-natives. 

Materials: watercolor paint, printer inks, 80lb uncoated cover, ecofriendly recycled brown paper envelopes. Handmade with love.

2022 Keystone species calendar sold separately.